Sexual Side Effects of Propecia

   With thousands of men being prescribed Finasteride products, most notably Propecia, for mild hair loss, the pharmaceutical company Merck has turned their drug Finasteride into a billion-dollar industry. Unfortunately for a growing number of users, the side effects of Finasteride can turn out to be not only unwanted sexual effects, but also permanent harm even after Finasteride usage has been discontinued.

   The propensity for men to suffer sexual side effects while taking Propecia are well-known to the Merck corporation, but they continue to market Propecia as a "safe" medication for male hair loss. Their company websites state that "a small number of men experienced certain sexual side effects" in their own clinical studies. Unfortunately, how small that number of men is remains open to some debate. Anecdotal evidence indicates that the percentage of sufferers may greatly exceed Merck's estimate of "less than 2% of Propecia users", and many doctors have ceased prescribing Propecia for mild hair loss as a result of increasing numbers of patients reporting serious problems of erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, and permanent sexual dysfunction.

   Propecia's manufacturer has issued statements on its website that these side effects "went away" when users discontinued taking Propecia. Unfortunately, many men have reported that these sexual side effects and problems do not go away immediately upon quitting Propecia, and can in fact be permanent. Many users have retained attorneys to pursue legal recovery for the damages they have suffered as a result of Propecia usage, with no warning from Merck about the severity and permanence of health problems resulting from even short-term Propecia usage.

   Propecia lawsuits are being filed all over the country as more and more men take action to recover for their injuries by filing lawsuits against Merck, the maker of the brand Propecia and its generic form, Finasteride. If you have negatively affected sexually, and continue to experience these side effects even after discontinuing Propecia usage, you may be eligible for compensation. Consult with an experienced Propecia attorney to discuss your legal rights and eligibility for compensation for your suffering.

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